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Hassan Al-Ebraheem, Chairman“The Kuwait-America Foundation has always stood for peace and understanding amongst peoples, whether in the American urban centers or internationally. These are uncertain and troubled times, but the Kuwait-America Foundation continues to stand for those ideals.”

- Hassan Al-Ebraheem, Chairman

Former President, Bill Clinton“KAF’s leadership, through programs such as “Do the Write Thing” and its support of the National Campaign to Stop Violence, demonstrates the commitment of both the Kuwait-America Foundation and the people of Kuwait to promoting understanding between our two nations…I am encouraged by the overwhelming response from the thousands of children who have made a written commitment to help end violence in their communities.”

- Former President, Bill Clinton

First Lady, Laura Bush“Thanks to the work of organizations like UNICEF and the Kuwait-America Foundation, the future holds great promise for men, women, and children in Afghanistan. I’m grateful that we are all working together to help a nation of good and hopeful people find the peace and success they deserve.”

- First Lady, Laura Bush

Former Vice President, Al Gore“I want to express my thanks for the friendship between our two nations, and the efforts the Kuwait-America Foundation has been making to promote a more peaceful America.”

- Former Vice President, Al Gore

Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell“It’s often hard to believe in yourself and to believe in your country if see violence all around you, especially violence directed against young people so I thank the (Kuwait-America) Foundation for what they have done to help us deal with this problem, here at home in America.”

- Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell

Former President, George Bush“I want to thank the Kuwait-America Foundation for its support of the Do the Write Thing Challenge…The Do the Write Thing Challenge works because it creates a new network of positive communications between our youth, teachers, and their communities; and this is why I support the Challenge.”

- Former President, George Bush

Former Secretary of Education, Richard Riley“Do the Write Thing is a wonderful program. Our young people in junior high and middle schools are making important decisions about what they are going to do with their lives and future. This is a great opportunity for the kids to express themselves. I urge everyone involved in Do the Write Thing to continue to support this project and congratulate the students on their efforts.”

- Former Secretary of Education, Richard Riley

Retired General Norman Schwarzkopf“The Kuwait-America Foundation, as an effective resource in our common quest to rid our societies from violence, has clearly demonstrated that something extremely positive could emerge from the tragedy (of the Gulf War)…I would like to extend my personal gratitude to the people of Kuwait, for their commitment to reducing violence in America. I want to commend the Kuwait-America Foundation for making so much possible for so many.”

- Retired General Norman Schwarzkopf