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Partnership with the Department of Justice

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) is the largest U.S. Government contributor to the DtWT program and has been instrumental in helping the program expand.

In the summer of 1997, the Department of Justice awarded a unique grant of $100,000 to encourage the formation of local “Do the Write Thing” committees in cities across the United States in order to expand the program. These committees are responsible for local program expansion and activities such as local recognition ceremonies and internship programs. Due to its success, the grant was renewed in 1999.

Attorney General Janet Reno congratulates DtWT finalists.

Attorney General Janet Reno congratulates DtWT finalists.

Launch of the “Do the Write Thing” Challenge Program Nationally

Recognized by educators, juvenile courts and police forces as a valuable program, DtWT expanded nationally in 1996 and now works with students in more than 50 communities. Since its inception, it is estimated that nearly 600,000 students have participated in the “Do the Write Thing” Challenge. More than 250,000 of these students have accepted the “Challenge” by making a written personal commitment not to engage in violence and by preparing writings on the causes of and solutions to youth violence. Their words have motivated thousands of adults across the country to volunteer their services to the program.

Kuwait and KAF Celebrate Fifth Anniversary

On February 28, 1996, the US-GCC Corporate Cooperation Council celebrated the fifth anniversary of Kuwait’s liberation at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel. This also marked the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Kuwait-America Foundation.