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General H. Norman Schwarzkopf Visits Kuwait

After visiting General Schwarzkopf in Tampa, Florida, in 1993, KAF Chairman Dr. Hassan Al-Ebraheem and Board Member Daniel Q. Callister invited the General and his family to visit Kuwait as guests of the Kuwaiti Government. The General accepted the invitation, and in the spring of 1994, he and his family toured the country that he played a key role in liberating.

General Schwarzkopf's visit included a recreational excursion to the Kuwait Equestrian and Hunt Club, as guests of the club's owners, where the General and his son engaged in an informal shooting contest with the Kuwaiti National Team.

Also at the club, the General spoke with Kuwaiti Army Colonel Mahmoud Al-Dousari, who credited the General with saving his life during the Gulf War. Colonel Al-Dousari took the opportunity to approach the General and thank him personally three years after the fact, explaining to the assembly of guests and hosts that on the day of the Allied Coalition's 100-hour ground war, he was awaiting execution in a Baghdad prison. The bombing of Iraq's intelligence headquarters postponed his execution, and he was later released.

General Schwarzkopf spoke powerfully about the missing POWs still held in Iraq.

At the Al-Qurain House Memorial to All Missing or Killed Heroes, General Schwarzkopf spoke powerfully about the missing POWs still held in Iraq. The house is the site of a battle between 19 members of the Kuwaiti Al-Massilah Resistance Group and an Iraqi patrol. Only seven of the nineteen survived the battle. Of the thirteen who were killed, only three died in the actual battle. The rest were killed after being captured by the Iraqis.

The General commented that "the POW issue is one of the big disappointments of the Kuwaiti people...we surely understand the problems of MIA's given our own tragic events from the Vietnam I personally think that our government should be doing everything it possibly can to help this situation."

Upon their departure and as a token of gratitude, KAF Chairman Dr. Al-Ebraheem presented the Schwarzkopf family with an ancient Arab sword from Kuwait.

Launch of the Washington, D.C. “Do the Write Thing” Challenge Program

In the spring of 1994, KAF launched the Washington, D.C. “Do the Write Thing” Challenge Program (DtWT). The “Do the Write Thing” Challenge Program (DtWT) is a unique education program designed to give middle school students an outlet to communicate in classroom discussions and written form how violence impacts their daily lives. In addition to exposing the causes and impact of violence, students are asked to identify what they will do to address these problems. By emphasizing personal responsibility, the Challenge ultimately seeks to empower young people to reduce violence in their communities.

Launch of the Washington, D.C. “Do the Write Thing” Challenge Internship Program

In an effort to build upon the success of DtWT, KAF commissioned the Milton D. Eisenhower Foundation to create the structure for the second phase of the “Do the Write Thing” Challenge Program: providing a summer internship for DtWT finalists.