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Desert Peace Program Visit

At the end of April 1993, aprroximately 200 family members of Americans who lost their lives in the effort to liberate Kuwait visited Kuwait for one week. The participants experienced first-hand the country which members of their families had fought to free. They also became acquainted with the many Kuwaiti families who, like themselves, suffered from having lost loved ones during the Gulf War.

KAF Board Member Daniel Q. Callister, who escorted the group, described the journey as an unforgettable emotional experience. Arriving in Kuwait at 3:00 a.m., the two hundred Desert Peace participants were greeted by the thunderous applause of the hundreds of Kuwaitis who had waited for them since early evening.

During their stay in Kuwait, the relatives (mostly wives and mothers) of the fallen American soldiers met with countless Kuwaiti officials eager to meet and host separate ceremonies for them. They also had the opportunity to meet with typical Kuwaiti families, who hosted luncheons in their homes for every single family, during which they spent hours conversing and providing the Americans with an up-close view of the society their relatives had given their lives to save.

Upon their departure, several of the Desert Peace participants asked Mr. Callister to express to the Kuwaitis how important it was for them to meet and speak with the individual Kuwaiti families. They further explained that the experience, more than any effort made by the U.S. government to console them for their loss, helped them to understand the people their loved ones had died to liberate.