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About KAF

The Kuwait-America Foundation (KAF) is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization founded in 1991. Its core mission, inspired by Kuwait’s liberation by Allied Coalition forces in the Gulf War, is to express gratitude for American sacrifice during the Gulf War, and to strengthen ties between the peoples of the United States and Kuwait.

Since its inception, KAF has successfully focused its resources on education and cultural exchange programs for youth and disadvantaged persons, sponsoring the “Do the Write Thing” program. In addition, through its gala dinners, KAF has expanded its efforts globally by partnering with different organizations annually to support causes ranging from assisting refugees to improving education, providing quality healthcare, fighting poverty, and protecting the environment.

The founding directors of the Kuwait-America Foundation are Dr. Hassan Al-Ebraheem, Mr. Fawzi Al-Sultan, and Mr. Daniel Q. Calliser, Esq., all of who were involved in the Citizens for a Free Kuwait Campaign in Washington, D.C. during the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait.

Funding for KAF’s programs comes from hundreds of Kuwaiti individuals, organizations, and corporations. All KAF events and programs communicate the sincere desire of the people of Kuwait to have a strong and lasting relationship, at a grass-roots level, with the United States and to express their commitment to the welfare of people worldwide.